Verysimple Inc

Making Complexity Very Simple –  Web, Power, Data

How I got here.

I was in Sales since I was 14 and burnt out by my 40’s.

Sales were making me stupid, literally; my ability to think creatively was all but gone. There wasn’t anything that I wanted to sell anymore. I had one of the most challenging accounts in my last role, and everything else I looked at seemed lacklustre.

I decided to do some consulting, which I enjoyed. During one of my consulting engagements, I was asked to reduce a company’s number of SKUs. So I had to devise a logical way to reduce the number of SKUs but do it to minimize the effect on related SKUs and maximize profits. After researching how to do this, I stumbled upon a company that would take my data and provide insights into achieving my goals. The information they presented changed everything for me. In an instant, I knew I wanted to learn more.

I decided that I wanted to embrace my inner geek. However, after attending a boutique school called BrainStation to learn the basics of Data Science, I quickly realized that it was only helpful if I had people readily use the information I provided.

Thankfully I quickly found the world of online application development, including the Microsoft Power Platform. Since then, I have embraced online platforms to extract, transform and load data for my clients.

These days I am enjoying working on many fun projects that help people better their lives and opportunities. My passion for running greener tech from existing investments is a particular focus of mine, as nothing is simpler than using what you have more effectively.

One of the many benefits of someone in my position is that I am unencumbered by traditional problem-solving paradigms. Because of this creative freedom, I can bring effective solutions quickly from concept to consumer.

Please feel free to book some time with me. I look forward to learning about your problem.

My Guiding principals:


I start at a grassroots level and collaborate organically with our clients.

 I am here to enable, educate and inform.


I am interested in new ways to support diversity.


I use data ethically.


I want to reduce or eliminate bias in whatever I do.


I want to be fair in what we do.